Mr. Saleh

Adv. Saleh AL-Jeiroudi

Founding Partner

The late Mr. Saleh got his bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Baghdad in 1962. Before establishing the firm in 1973, he worked as a public prosecutor and a judge in the Ministry of Justice for a period of ten years. His long professional experience has covered a variety of legal practices and consultations, which added remarkable proficiency to the firm’s practice as it was his sole concern to prepare it and provide it with references and experiences in the best possible way. While transferring these skills to the rest of the partners and members of the firm.

“The criminal cases have occupied vast areas of his work as a lawyer. He has pleaded in many cases to become one of the most famous lawyers in this field. He was a professional in studying the details and discussing witnesses. He spent major effort in studying the cases in which he pleads and relies on his profession despite his relationship with all parties, and he insists on being fair in his work regardless of any personal relations.”

Hourani, A, Rijal Fi Thakirat Alwatan 2, 1st edition, 2014, p.118

During Mr. Saleh’s work as a public prosecutor